What Are You Crying About?Defeating Grief for Christians (and Other Believers)

The title of this book is not meant to question sadness in the course of natural grief but to prompt you to question what it is exactly that you are grieving about. This book gives full attention to the question on the cover and presents you with answers that will comfort you in a time when you will want to cry and will also change the way you think about the grieving process.

Grief sabotages happy, productive lives. Some grievers waste months or years of their lives in crippling grief which sidetracks them from school, career, positive and healthy parenting, or other fruitful endeavors. People mired in extreme grief may become sick, angry, vengeful and may even take their own lives. It doesn't have to be this way.

Sadness when someone leaves our lives is normal. Overpowering grief need not be. Grief can be controlled, even defeated and conquered. You just need the right tools, and you don’t need to go anywhere but within you to find relief. Defeating grief takes a change of perspective, a change that everyone can make.

What Are You Crying About? gives you the tools to help you take control of your grief and help you to get on with and enjoy your life. Death, as a part of life, used to be the norm in the average person's life. Now it is rarely discussed and then only when an emergency occurs. What Are You Crying About? is a frank discussion about death and dying meant to bring peace to the hearts of those people grieving and to those people who fear their own passing. It is not maudlin, dark or a downer to read but is positive, uplifting and spiritually reassuring.

What's Inside...

  • Death and Dying - The Common View
  • Grieving - The Common View
  • Anger with God
  • Religious and Philosophical Views on Death
  • Suicide
  • Got Faith?
  • Ten Faith Enhancers
  • What Is a Human?
  • The Afterlife, the Spirit World, Heaven and Hell
  • Where the Hell Is Heaven?
  • Our Family Among Us - Spirits Present
  • What to Say to the Bereaved (and Dying)

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EN ESPANOL (Derrote Su Dolor)

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