The National 9/11 Memorials -
A Photographic Guide

The National 9/11 Memorials – A Photographic Guide brings the four national September 11 memorials together in one beautiful and informative book filled with dozens of pictures. Share the memories and heart-felt tributes in the updated Second Edition of this respectful photographic guide.

September 11, 2001 is a day that will be remembered in the United States for decades to come, if not forever. The day that America was attacked by terrorists and nearly 3,000 innocent citizens and foreign-born residents were murdered has been memorialized by the citizens of cities and towns all over the U.S., and indeed in many countries around the world. This photo book focuses on just four important September 11 memorials – memorials of national and historical importance because they are closely aligned with the events of that awful day. Unfortunately, many people may never have a chance to visit these poignant national memorials, and that’s a shame because each is, in its own way, a fine work of art as well as a heartfelt remembrance of our lost brothers and sisters.

The National 9/11 Memorials – A Photographic Guide takes you on an up-close and personal visit to the three memorials run by the U.S. government and another run by the Massachusetts Port Authority in Boston. The pictorial book brings to you, in one place, dozens of beautiful color photographs along with pertinent background information about each memorial. The photographs and information gathered in this guide may inspire (hopefully) the reader to go out on his or her own journey to visit these moving national memorials, or the reader may just appreciate them within the book’s pages. In addition to the pictures, The National 9/11 Memorials includes the historical background, timeline information concerning the terrorist attacks and the responses in the ensuing years, and the names of the September 11 victims. Never before has a photo book brought together so many photographs of these four September 11 memorials and information about them in one place so that the reader can participate in a small way in the honoring of the victims of the worst terrorist attack ever against the American people. It is humbly hoped that The National 9/11 Memorials – A Photographic Guide will spread awareness of these beautiful and heart-felt tributes and contribute to the everlasting preservation of remembrances of the lives of our lost brothers and sisters in the terrorist attacks of 2001. As the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York City states on a wall near the victims’ remains, “No Day Shall Erase You from the Memory of Time”. This is the object of every 9/11 memorial, and the object of The National 9/11 Memorials – A Photographic Guide.

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